Why did I enter politics? Because I think that politics is not an economic objective. For me, it is an issue of morality and value. If you don’t do anything to fight against those injustices, then you are a complice and I can’t be a complice of an unjust system administrated corruptly through some politicians who maintain us in the segregation.

It’s just simply about the distance  between those ideals, moralities and values publicized by some who run the country, and the reality that we wish everyday in real Chile. In some forms and to some extent this distance has existed since Chile was born. Whereas, this is not what we worry about, what we do worry about is the enormous distance between those grand challenges we face with and the scarcity of our statesman.

Long for being a political representative

To change those regulations of play. Those actually existed have generated a series of expedient measures without resolving our problems. We know very well that the health and education system don’t function well. It’s brutally costly, terribly inefficient and is not adaptable with an economy where there is no life-long employment.

I’m from this majority and from a humble origin hearing promises of help more than 20 years. When those parliamentarians are discussing about the adjustment and increase of subsidies, meanwhile, the majority of Chileans are working or looking for a job, wringing to survive the expensive bills of the electricity. An insufficient salary, the bad attention in health and an assistant pension make some of them almost live in bankruptcy.

And the reality is that many Chileans even believe that the politics has nothing to do with their situation, because they regard politics as a business not a profession, and those topics through debate as merely entertainment. Therefore, those Chileans prefer to go all out to be self-reliance and be far away from all the empty phrases full of wind. In short, they don’t participate in, neither vote.

However, they don’t vote not because they are not interested in those problems of the country, but because they don’t feel that they are represented: 78.5% say that vote or not, those politicians will approve laws only in favor of their own interests (public opinion survey UNAB).

For what I want to be a politician?

I’m fully convinced that the moment has come for us to demonstrate to the country, that the origin, the surname or the birthplace can’t be limitations that restrain you from doing the job that some of those politicians haven’t done.

So I want to be a statesman. To do it once for all for a better policy: transparent and just, offering equal opportunity to all.

We need to terminate some of the failing policies and a small circle of several scum of society seated around the table of power, blocking the entrance to all those who they boasted that they have represented. Game over.  Several politicians right now are rather of degeneration,we aren’t here for more social trash.

It’s high time to reform the education; it is high time that those enterprises paid taxes; that the forestry needed to be paid what they have been owned; that the health system could be dignified; that the social security could reach all; and that the ancestral rights deprived from those exploited tribes could be returned to their original owners.

Source: Book Mapuche Child between 2 Nations

Page 88

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